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Lost in this world,
My chest is aching,
I messed things up,
I don't know how to fix them,
I put my hands on you,
In a fit of anger,
I'd apologize, but I think you wouldn't believe me,
You called me a liar more than once,
So why should you believe me when I say I'm sorry?
For what its worth, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I got so mad at you,
And most of all I'm sorry that my niece and nephew saw,
How can I apologize to you,
For that fit of anger?
I'm sorry again.
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Elusive Stalker
The icy wind blows across my neck,
Sending shivers down my spine,
Looking behind me with every step I take,
I feel as though I'm being followed,
But no one is ever there.
Maybe I am losing my mind,
Because now I hear the echoing footsteps,
Of someone close behind,
I hold my breath to silence my breathing,
Through my throbbing heart beat I hear the exhalation of breath.
It isn't me, so who is it?
There still isn't anyone around.
My mind is fracturing as I seek the elusive stalker,
I turn the corner sprinting just a little,
I'm shaking in fear not knowing what to do,
Here's a laugh for all of you,
My elusive stalker,
Was none other than myself!
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The sky flashes purple,
The moon sinks into green,
An amazing sight,
Yet I have seen.
Clouds of yellow,
Grass a reddish-orange,
You say it isn't right,
But I have seen.
Normalcy makes my eyes ache,
Ordinary causes headaches,
I like variety,
Things and people to show originality.
Why am I wrong?
When I see things that pass you by?
Is open-mindedness all that wrong?
It must be because here I got,
A straight-jacket and padded walls my new home.
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The Distortion of Time
Time is a distortion,
one the masques reality,
you go through time waiting,
but what you are waiting for is constantly right here,
Don't let time dissuade you,
from that you desire,
prove to time that you can see
Right through its facade.
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Mature content
Darkness and reality :iconenone18:enone18 0 0
Freedom falls silently from the shackles that hold us,
Trapping us in a life so mundane,
Keeping us from exploring our dreams,
Where did these thoughts come from?
That allow me to feel so trapped?
How can I expose my feelings?
When I can't even talk?
Duct tape over my mouth,
Ropes around my ankles,
Shackles so binding,
Keeping me in one place.
This place isn't so bad,
It just feels as though,
No matter what you do,
You're doing something wrong.
Help us to understand,
The freedom that we have,
The shackles dropping from my wrists,
Convincing me that I'm free,
Which way should I turn?
Can you point the way?
I need to find a way,
To free myself from this maze,
This maze?
What maze? you ask,
My reply,
The maze within my mind.
The rush,
The wind,
The complete emptiness,
Where did all my thoughts go?
Did my energy follow?
My attitude needs adjusted,
My life has just begun.
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Painful Questions
Excruciating pain engulfs me,
As I sit here idly thinking,
Each beat of my heart pains me,
As I think of you alone.
Nothing that I can do,
Is going to help you through,
My words are written down on paper,
Love and desire ensue.
You say that you love me,
But is that honestly true?
Is it a facade you use,
Just to keep me near?
Questions fill my mind,
Making me unsure,
Hurt fills my body,
Because I love you so,
If you don't love me,
Don't pretend as much,
I will still be here,
A friend forever more.
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Second Thoughts
I know you tried to warn them,
They just laughed and went their way,
You sat and screamed for hours on end,
But no one ever listened.
They thought that you were insane,
Crazy, loco, mad.
I wish that I had listened,
To all you'd had to say.
You knew the dangers to the mind,
with those creatures running free,
Shortly after you had gone,
a cut across your wrist,
Those little creatures came to me,
Said they were a gift,
Since we were such good friends,
I took a leap on trust,
I held those little creatures,
loved them, oh, so much.
Then one night I woke,
I screamed,
Those creatures invaded my dreams.
Those creatures, now terrors of my dreams,
I hate those awful things.
They brand my mind with thoughts,
with images of fires.
I tried to tell your mother,
She slapped me, turned away.
I don't know what to do,
your terrors now are mine,
I wonder if you were right,
Is death the only way,
To rid me of these terrors?
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Lost Souls
Demons sit in judgment,
As angels fade away,
Watching as the blood drips down,
the pure and gentle rain.
The dagger drives in deeper,
Seething in the pain,
The mind is set to spinning,
Shadows sent to thinning,
Demons come in closer,
Looking for the soul.
The blood seeps faster,
Dripping quicker down the drain,
The spirit looks to escape,
Slipping out among the demons,
Headed toward the Heavens,
Captured by the Angels.
Trapping it in the body,
Angels risk their own existence,
Just to save another.
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Following the Footprints
Walking that extra mile,
Filling in someone else's shoes,
Showing that you have the courage,
Showing that you do not fear.
Change becomes an enemy,
A friend and confidant too,
Where can one look for company,
How is one to know?
Footprints fill our hearts,
Fill our minds with wonder,
Those footprints fill much surface,
A large part for us to fill.
One is liable to get lost,
In all they try to be,
But how can you expect less,
When fate is meant to be.
The footprints are set for us,
It is our destiny to follow,
Lead the way for others,
Hold your head up high,
Kiss your fears away,
Life your life,
Love yourself,
Don't change.
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In the mind you see them,
The terror of your dreams,
They haunt you day and night,
They feed among your fright,
These terrors live within you,
They like explore your mind,
You're too scared to stop them,
They thrive within your screams,
People don't believe you,
Yet, they've never seen,
The terrors of your dreams,
They brand your mind with images,
Though you'd rather not see,
They've taken over mind and soul,
Left your body dry,
Those terrors of your dreams.
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United States
Current Residence: Salina
Favourite genre of music: rock and country
Personal Quote: "You mean I'm not normal in your world?"
So its been awhile since I've let my fingers wander aimlessly across the keyboard. I've done a bit of thinking of life, love and the purpose of everything that seems mundane to others. I realize that life, no matter how meaningless and pointless it may seem at times, is actually worth every minute we spend stepping over the obstacles that our thrown in our paths. If we take the time to step over the obstacle, we will see that there is something better on the other side. Granted we may come upon another obstacle as we go on, but if we persevere we will become stronger with each situation we must face. As unfair as life may seem at times, if you place your heart in the right place, you may realize that unfairness is only the first step in learning what fair really is. It has taken me awhile to come to this realization. At first I believed that the obstacles were put there to stop me and give me no opportunities for forward movement. To have the outlook on life that I now have is a strange feeling for me, and granted, I may not have gotten here the way that everyone once wanted me to, but the path that I chose to get here has enlightened me. I have learned that I am capable of handling more difficulties that I am faced with better than I had ever thought possible. In my choices that have gotten me to this point in my life, I have realized that some things are required in order to help me through certain issues, but many of the issues that I once thought I couldn't handle without assistance, I am now capable of handling pretty much on my own. It is an amazing feeling to walk through life knowing that I can handle some difficulties on my own.
Love, a situation we all desire to experience. Can someone please provide me a definition of love? I mean I think I know what it is supposed to feel like, but every time I think I experience it, it turns out to be a facade. None the less,  I am open for the experience, and by this I mean the real experience. My heart aches to be wanted and loved. True love is desired by this lonely heart. Can I find this experience that so many speak so highly about? Or is this another experience I will not find? Something I have to experience vicariously through others? Maybe, perhaps, this experience is right in front of great a thought that is.
Perchance I have rambled on too much, but it has eased my mind a bit. Love and life, everything mundane tumbling around in my head as a band with no conductor. Provide me with your thoughts upon my ambient ramblings...until later my loves.....
  • Listening to: Its Not My Time
  • Watching: Three's Company
  • Playing: The Witcher


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